Become a Member

Annual (calendar year) Fees for 2019 are:


Single $50

Family $80

Plot Fee: $120

How to Become a Member,

Membership is open to all. It doesn't matter if you have no gardening experience or if you are an experienced gardener, we welcome your knowledge. Membership requirements are the payment of the annual fee, a commitment to an average of 1 hour per week on communal tasks in the garden and acceptance of the terms of the membership user agreement. At this early stage, membership fees will be directed towards construction of the garden beds and other infrastructure.

Download the membership application. Once completed please scan and email the Secretary at Your application will be considered at the next committee meeting. Membership is subject to the acceptance of your application and your fulfilment of the membership requirements.

Plots and Communal Tasks,​

A prerequisite for obtaining a plot is payment of the plot fee and participation in workshops and working bees. This will ensure that new members have basic garden skills, meet current members and settle into the garden routine.

As the land is gardened collectively and can be used most of the time by the members, rules have been developed to ensure the smooth running of the garden for the benefit of all members.  We need people with experience who can assist in all sorts of tasks. For example, it is important that plots are maintained, watered and that waste is collected for composting. We need people with experience in these gardening tasks but also in carpentry, garden bed construction, web design, PR, organic composting, dealing with weeds and pests, propagating plants, cooking and many other skills. So when completing a membership form please also let us know what your relevant skills are. 

We look forward to seeing you.

12 Cooper Park Rd, Bellevue Hill NSW 2023